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Kit for SACHS Closed Cartridge Fork.

The kit includes:

Compression base valves:

  • Compression base valve holder
  • Compression needle adjuster
  • 6 mm hole compression shims stack
  • M6 nut and adapter for stock compression piston

Rebound base valves:

  • Rebound base valve holder with rebound needle and spring
  • Aluminum rebound pistons with low friction piston bands
  • Shims stacks rebound and bypass

This kit allows to avoid the stock shims hole 7 and hole 9 using the more common hole 6 and hole 8, increasing the range of modification even for those who don’t have the less common shims.

It makes the suspension more controlled but at the same time comfortable in the absorption of roughness.

It’s ideal for quickly modifying the closed cartridge Sachs suspension without big interventions, suitable for less expert tuners too.


  • Beta RR Racing Edition 2016-2022