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The kit includes:

  • Two adjustable compression base valves (WITHOUT shims, you can keep the stock shims stack or see the instructions & recommendations for additional suggested shims stacks).
  • One Hydrostop (bushing included).
  • Two rebound holders with needle and piston (rebound and mid valve shims stack INCLUDED).

To mount the kit, it’s necessary to use this specific wrench.

This full kit allows the fork to be completely adjustable from the outside with the clickers: two compression adjusters on the bottom and two rebound adjusters on the top.


  • 250/300 EXC TPI SIX DAYS  2017-2022
  • 150/250/300 EXC TPI  2017-2022
  • 250/350/450/500 EXC-F SIX DAYS  2017-2022
  • 350/450/500 EXC-F  2017-2022