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The kit includes:

· Compression base valves (Shims ID 6 included, using the OEM piston).

· Two rebound holders with needle and piston (rebound and mid-valve shim stacks INCLUDED).

· Steel and aluminum ring kit including O-Ring to close the stock holes in the cartridge tube. In order to mount the equipment, it’s necessary to use a specific wrench. (link to the WPXPLORE_WRENCH_PART2)

This full kit allows the fork to be completely adjustable from the outside with the clickers: two compression adjusters on the bottom, and two rebound adjusters on the top. Mounting the two rings including with the kit, the stock holes on the cartridge are then closed in order to divert the oil into the adjusters and into the shims and thus obtain total control of the adjustments.


· BETA RR 2019-2023

Weight 1 lbs