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Mini Pro Cartridge

Building off our WP AER 35 Fork Kit, The Mini Pro Cartridge converts the stock AER35 Fork to perform in the same manner as a closed cartridge system by replacing the existing damping assembly (hydraulic side) with our drop in kit

The MINIPRO cartridge will allow you to obtain a fully adjustable fork with both  compression and rebound adjustability

  • Included is a new damping rod assembly with preinstalled base valve. Installing a piston with shims allows the tuner / installer a wide range of settings through valving which cannot be obtained on the stock fork.
  • Utilizes stock rebound adjuster
  • Added compression adjuster *
  • 12mm Shaft
  • 23mm Compression and Rebound Piston


  • KTM SX 65 2017-2023
  • Husqvarna TC 65  2017-2023
  • GAS GAS MC 65 2021-2023

*Installation Note:

  • Two options are available for compression adjustment settings
    • Preset the compression valve assembly to the required setting and install the cartridge, this allows for a discrete installation.
    • Drill and tap a 6mm hole in the bottom of the lug to gain access to the adjustment screw. This will allow for easy tunning and the fork to be returned to stock by inserting a set screw to seal off the fork.

Designed and Manufactured by Lainer Suspension