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100% Lainer Suspension Racing design.

This vacuum pump has been built after many years of experience in the suspension field, looking for the maximum technology in the world of vacuum. It speeds up the process to bleed the shock absorbers: between 4 to 5 minutes, only one cycle is required.

Unlike other standard vacuum pumps, we only use specific fittings designed for the vacuum system. Many vacuum pumps in the market use compressed air fittings, which, after a while, can affect the correct bleeding process, leaving air inside the shock absorber.

We developed a manual system to allow the operator to utilize the vacuum pump with two different methods:

  1. Keep two different types of oil using the dual tank design; the same tank will be used both for the bleeding and refill process. This method allows the operator always to have two types of oil ready for the refill process. It’s very useful for those who use (for example) the SAE 5.0 or SAE 2.5 based on their need.
  2. How it’s born the system: keep only one type of oil. The empty tank is always in a vacuum, and the tank with the oil inside is always under pressure. This process will be even faster since the shock is connected to the tank already in a vacuum.

Included are the connectors for the most common shock absorbers:

Always remembering that the absolute vacuum doesn’t exist, to obtain the maximum possible, we developed the bleeding system from the bladder and NOT from the compression adjuster as many other systems on the market.

For shock absorbers with free pistons (like WP, Ohlins, Mupo, etc.), we supplied the steel fitting with the specific thread and diameter for the existing hole on the shock itself.

For all the shock absorbers without holes, you can use our Tool Milling Kit M5 to make the hole in the thread and refill the shock using the fitting supplied with the vacuum pump.

Dimensions: 580mm x 344mm x 194mm

IMPORTANT:  The machine is 220 Volt with a Shuko plug. For any different voltage, you need a voltage converter.