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Lainer USA offers two discount structures based on purchase volume: a standard discount structure and a volume discount structure.

  1. Standard Tuner Discount Structure:

    • This structure is applicable to all customers, regardless of their purchase volume.
    • The discounts offered are predetermined and are not dependent on the quantity of items purchased.
    • Customers receive a fixed discount percentage or a specific amount off the regular price.
    • The standard discount structure provides consistent savings for customers, irrespective of their purchase volume.
  2. Volume Dealer Discount Structure:

    • This structure is designed to incentivize customers to make larger purchases.
    • The discounts offered in this structure increase as the purchase volume increases.
    • Customers who exceed specific volume thresholds are eligible for higher discount tiers.
    • The volume discount structure encourages customers to increase their order quantities to unlock greater savings.
    • It rewards customers who consistently purchase in higher volumes with progressively higher discounts.

Both discount structures aim to provide customers with cost-saving opportunities. The standard tuner discount structure ensures that even customers with smaller purchase volumes receive a fixed discount, while the volume-based dealer discount structure encourages higher volume purchases by offering increasing discounts as the purchase quantity increases.

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