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Kit created by Lainer Suspension for WP XPLOR shock absorbers 85 cc. It includes the shims stack (compression, rebound, high speed) ready for assembly and the aluminum piston H18 mm with low friction piston band.



  • KTM SX 85 2018-2023
  • Husqvarna TC 85 2018-2023

The defect of the stock shock is the check valve installed to separate the compression and the rebound functions, so to increase comfort, there’s a hole in the stock piston. This solution is not optimal because it makes the shock absorber more harsh and reactive.

To solve this defect, we’ve developed this kit that significantly improves the performance of the shock:

  • The piston is constructed of lightweight aluminum (like the shock body), so with variations in temperature changes, the piston and shock body expand and contract at the same rate
  • Increase the oil flow through the piston to keep lower temperatures.
  • Low friction piston band with a special design to adapt to the various expansions of the body.
  • Compared to the stock piston, we use rebound shims with bigger diameters for a softer reaction in the roughness.
  • Installing our aluminum piston eliminates the uncontrolled oil-free flow hole of the stock piston; then, you modify the intermediate flow in the rod to have a soft reaction and, at the same time, better hydraulic control in the rocks and the holes. This also allows the lower rebound adjustment to affect compression, allowing a greater adjustment over the entire shock travel.
  • Modifying the intermediate flow keeps the second piston active for a bottom-out function.
  • The piston is much lighter as it’s part of a system that works in reciprocating motion.
  • Highly recommend the Bladder Kit conversion for further absorption of the holes.